About this website

Bob-268x300My name is Bob McLean, and I have set up a web page to share some of my recent photography and oil painting experiences. Click on “Recent Photos” or “Paintings” (menu above) to see a small handful of experimental image postings to get this page on the web. I am still figuring things out.

Clicking on the small images will often reveal a larger version of the image.


There’s a comment box below which I don’t think is necessary;  accept this page as a work in progress. Comments at this stage are moderated, and may be frequently deleted, although I would be happy to hear from everyone.

Some of the functionality of this page is a little strange, some redundancies and malfunctions I may not be able to fix easily, because I am a new at this.


These images are available in higher resolution. These are not necessarily my best work – they are a sampling of some of my images, to get something on this web page, in a hurry to make it more complete.

My thanks to Cory Huff at: http://www.theabundantartist.com/ for his excellent free tutorial on setting up an artist website. The video can be found at :http://vimeo.com/26638838

If you would like to contact me directly, write to : BobMcLeanLLC at aol dot com. I only see comments on the web page when I log in the WordPress Dashboard, so it could take me a while to see and approve your message.